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Windows 10 Anniversary Unveiling New Developer Opportunity

July will mark 1 year since Windows 10 was released to the public. With over 270 million active devices it is outpacing Windows 7 by 145%.

Coming in July; Microsoft is rolling out an anniversary update and with this update is going to come some pretty new changes. Most notably is the Windows Store. While Microsoft may dominate the Business market, other companies such as Apple and Google have started creating their own ecosystem with their own apps to allow cross-device functionality. Some may consider Microsoft to be late to the game with venerable product lines such as their Windows Phone and Surface Tablets but with Windows 8, they have tried to gain ground in merging all of their devices into one ecosystem.

With Windows 10 and this new anniversary update, Microsoft may move closer to achieving this goal. The Windows Store will now include twice the amount of promoted apps. While some will look at this as a form of advertising, it could be a way for Microsoft to get more developers to use their platform. Many people have Android and iPhone devices and developers look to target these users and have left the Microsoft Store largely lacking. Microsoft may be incorporating a way to make it easier for developers to get their products seen and onto users’ devices. Since we are moving much of our information to the cloud, the cross-platform apps can stand to benefit by making sure their users’ data can be carried on any device they may have available. With that being said, some developers can have a hard time updating different versions of the same app because each platform is different.

While these new apps are coming out and many will be pre-installed on devices, they can be easily removed and uninstalled. None of these apps should be persistent and if they are unwanted or undesired, a quick right-click and uninstall will remove them for you. There are a lot of junk and sub-par apps in the Windows Store but if Microsoft can keep adding incentive’s for software developers, their Store and user base will grow.

Now this update is just one change that Microsoft is making on their Windows 10 platform, however, it is an important one to note. The Microsoft Store has survived the past three iterations of operating systems released by Microsoft and this push could be seen as an attempt to further cement their own version of an app store. With Windows 10 currently on 100’s of millions of devices, and the update still free until July 29th, 2016 more and more people are going to see this update.

Other updates that are included:



Microsoft is still expanding upon Cortana’s features in an attempt to make it the best virtual assistant on the market (competitors include Siri, Google Now, and Alexa). They have added the ability to call her from the lock screen as well as the ability to push updates and notifications for text messages through to your desktop/laptop computer. It’s also important to keep in mind that Cortana is also available on your android phone.

Windows Hello now includes Biometric Security to Apps and Edge.




Other Changes and New Features

  • The “blue screen of death” that appears when your Windows PC freezes now features a QR code, allowing you to more quickly search for the error with your phone.

  • The Settings app has seen an overhaul. Each page in the Settings app now has a unique icon. Pin a settings page to your Start menu and it’ll use that unique icon.

  • You can now reset apps, which works like clearing an app’s cache data on Android. Head to Settings > Apps and features, select an app, and select “Advanced options” to find this option.

  • The Windows Insider Program settings page has been moved. It’s now located at Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program, so it isn’t buried under the Windows Update settings.

  • The Credentials and User Account Control dialogs have been updated with a new look. When you need to enter credentials, Windows will now allow you to choose Windows Hello, a PIN, a certificate, or a password.

  • The File Explorer window now has a new icon, and it’s primarily white–with a bit of yellow. It’ll fit in better with the rest of Windows 10’s design.”

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