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What Do Our Free Diagnostics Entail?

Dropping your computer off with a company you don’t know full of technicians you have never met can be a nerve-wracking experience and our job as your technician and consultant is to help you feel as comfortable as possible with dropping your PC (i.e. your entire life) off with us. CyndrTec will neverĀ go through your personal files without explicit written consent and only if it’s absolutely necessary. Times that this will be necessary are during severe drive failures when there are specific files that you need recovered, or if you have a missing file that needs to be recovered through other means.

Our diagnostic work is incredibly in depth and includes both software and hardware. A lot of problems with computers can have various causes and it takes time and a lot of digging to isolate the causes. Another thing to consider is sometimes when bringing your computer in you may have one thing wrong (like viruses) that could be causing your PC to run slow but in addition to that it’s very possible for a failing hard drive. This is something we see on a daily basis, in which case you probably won’t want to pay for the virus removal you’d likely want to replace the drive instead. Our diagnostics are a courtesy to our customer.



In our diagnostic testing we will use on-board diagnostics whenever possible, if this is not possible there are a host of applications that we can choose from to fully test the computer, we will test the hard drive, the RAM, the motherboard, and your power supply. These are not extremely reliable and only give us a general overview of the PC. A lot of times you may get false positives or negatives so we tend to use our “technician’s intuition” a lot around here. This develops over time with more experience.

If the hardware diagnostics fail we typically go on to the software diagnostics which depending on the issue can include full virus testing, program compatibility testing, checks of the operating system to ensure the integrity of various system files, as well as checking for available updates. Once our diagnostic testing has concluded we will work up an estimate with our findings, the cost to repair, and whether it is worth it to repair or not. From there you can either give us the go ahead to begin the repair or tell us that you would not like to have any work done.

For virus testing we tend to comb through your installed programs, your registry, and your AppData folder to look for oddities. While we do use MalwareBytes as a very general tool to locate hard to find viruses, we believe having a live person comb through files to find the presence of viruses to be the best option. Programs are helpful — but they are not the be all end all and some viruses can sneak past these programs on occasion.


In addition to our diagnostic testing we also offer free dust cleanup for all PC’s. Keeping your PC dust free goes a long way toward preventing heat related problems and we recommending removing dust at least once every 6 months, better even would be once a quarter.


Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or an e-mail with any questions concerning our Free Diagnostics.


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