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Hurricane Preparedness

We are in the peak of the Hurricane season here in the south east so it’s important that everyone is paying special attention to the technology equipment in our homes and businesses.

Hurricane Watch (36-24 hours prior to landfall)

During this period you should begin preparing all non-essential equipment and infrastructure including all PC’s, printers and monitors. All software manuals and technology should be stored away from windows and as far away from the floor as possible ideally in a sealed weatherproof container or safe. Run a final backup on all servers prior to shutting them down. Keep in mind – backups can take several hours to complete so it’s important this is done as early as possible.

Hurricane Warning (24 hours prior to landfall) 

It’s important that all servers, routers, switches, modems, firewalls and computers are unplugged and stored on an elevated shelf away from the floor. Please be sure that your data is either stored in an off-site cloud backup facility or that the portable hard drive you have stored your backup on is locked in a weatherproof container or safe. This is critical.

After the Hurricane you may plug in all networking and computer equipment and begin your cleanup process.

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